Week T H R E E

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Well I am officially just like every other person who has ever dieted; I hit a bit of a wall and bounced backwards a few steps. As much as it felt like a bad week, I know it's wasn't. It was a learning week. I learned what works and what doesn't, and I've seen the limits of my cheats. I also switched out my yogurt for a slightly higher percent of fat because it was just what was on sale, so I wonder if that contributed as well. I'm thinking I need to switch back to exact the combinations of food I was doing before because it was working well. I'm looking forward to adding in some workouts soon too, once Delainey's ear surgery is done!

Also; can we just talk about why so many men can loose weight so much faster then women, and seemingly without trying to boot?! I mean seriously, Aaron isn't even eating a strict diet and he's already lost almost as much as me. The main thing he's doing different is cutting out the evening snacking (and that's mainly because I told him I would lose my crap on him if he nonchalantly pulled out a bag of chips and ate them in front of me again while we were sitting together watching a show haha!). Don't get me wrong I am happy for him as well, we both need this. I just like when things are fair and this is one of those things that just isn't! But such is life, so I will keep looking ahead and focus on what I can control! Here is my weekly recap!

Day15: Thursday this far as been a motivating day for me because so far my weigh ins have gone well and it starts me off for the week ready to kill it again! I did some sorting through the kids clothes to make room for the summer stuff and the next sizes. I really need to find my own "too small" bin because I bet some of them would fit again!

Day 16: It's official, I'm calling it Friday Hangs now! Addy, Jess and I got together again after I finished doing a little morning photoshoot with Addy and her boys in the trees with a beautiful peacock chair that she scored for me! You know you have a good friend when you can spend hours at their house and then steal their broccoli and eggs so you can make your own lunch at their house too lol! We were having so much fun chatting away that I almost forgot to go get D from school and barely made it lol! We have been putting off a Costco trip for too long because we have a much stricter bedtime routine now and since its a 40 minute drive away its hard to get there after Aaron's off work; but it was Friday so we went for it. I was supposed to eat at 7 so I knew I wouldn't be eating on time... but I wasn't expecting to have to wait until 10pm! I should have just had a little cheat before we left Costco...but I really didn't think it would be that late by the time we drove home, got everyone settled and asleep and then had to find food. I was definitely hungry! Baaad planning on that one.

Week T W O

Friday, May 11, 2018

Two weeks in, wow! It feels like I just started but also kind of like I've never known any different. But I will admit, it does feel like it's been 100 years since I've tasted the sweet, creamy goodness of chocolate melting in my mouth. Going into this week I had lots of motivation after seeing my results from the first week. But as expected, the weight and inches didn't come off as quickly as the first week. Maybe its because I cheated twice or maybe it's just the way my body is processing this change. It would obviously be nice if it was a faster process, but I know that any loss is a good one and it all adds up! About half way through this week, I did a little bit of tweaking to my meal plan because I have been using regular marble cheese instead of soy cheese like the plan says and I think it might be whats holding me back, so I'm going to try without any cheese for a while and use a different protein instead.

Anyways here is how my week went!

Day 8: Thursday went well, it's always exciting to reach a milestone and realize that you survived! My motivation to keep pushing forward into week number two was strong! Delainey had her Reader's Theatre performance for her phonics class and did SO amazing! I was able to plan ahead again and put a ham into the slow cooker in the afternoon so it would be ready to eat right after her evening event. Timing was perfect!

Week O N E {Taking the Plunge}

Friday, May 4, 2018

By far, the hardest part of any journey is the first step. Its not fun to feel vulnerable and uncertain. It's so much easier to stay in your comfort zone and do what feels good and what comes easy. And thats the place I have been stuck in for far too long. For me, this journey to a healthy lifestyle is way more mental then physical. I know my body can do it. I used to be a high level athlete and I miss that version of myself everyday. But it has been such a challenge to make that shift in my head from what I want to eat to what I know my body needs. I keep telling myself that I am fuelling my body, not eating for fun, for comfort or as a hobby. But habits are hard to break, and cravings are real people! After only a few days, my body stopped the withdrawal symptoms, heachaches mostly, and was already adjusted to not snacking during the day. My stomach never growled or gurgled out of hunger because even though my portions were small, I was feeding my body what it needed. But night time has been a different story. I am always so busy during the day that I would often forget to eat, so by the time the kids were in bed, I would be starving, and I would eat all the things. I'm not even kidding, I was terrible. Healthy and unhealthy food; I would have some of everything, some times it would almost be like a second dinner. Chocolate, sugary candies, slurpees, crackers, buns, and of course my free weekly DQ blizzard(cause how do you say no to that!) were my biggest downfalls. I would eat all the way until I went to bed; also a big no-no! Not only do I still crave "snacks" in the evening, but I have realized that eating these snacks has actually become attached to my evening routine itself. Watch our shows; eat some snacks. Clean up the kitchen; eat a snack. Watch another show; eat another snack. Of course sitting on the couch watching TV isn't a healthy lifestyle choice either but with three young kids at home, by the end of the day we are so pooped that we both need to relax and shut our minds off for a bit. But it's becoming clear to me that I need to make a change of routine there as well so I don't fall into old habits. So if anyone has some good evening activites that Aaron and I can do together at home while the kids are in bed, please send them my way!

Here's a recap of how my first week went! I apologize that its kind of long, but its actually super helpful for me to write it out and see how much I've over come and how much I've learned in just one week! Maybe it will be helpful to someone else too?!

Day 1: Sooo many cravings! I literally dreamt about eating all kinds of delicious food that night. The flavours in my meals were so bland and boring and I was missing my "normal" food. I have a very strong sense of smell so even looking at certain foods or packages triggers a smell memory for me and I can almost taste it lol!

Day 2: I had my first outing while on this meal plan. A picnic with the boys and some friends while D was at school.  I had to be extra prepared with pre-weighing all my food and keeping it separate from the boys food so I could eat it at the right time.

When Enough is Enough {Making Big Changes}

Thursday, May 3, 2018

I've felt uncomfortable in my own skin for quite some time now but life is busy, and as most moms do, I put the kids needs ahead of my own. I've talked about making changes and starting to work out many times and even convinced myself that just cutting out sugar and late night snacks would be a good start to ease into it, but life happens. Back in February, only 4 days after I made the commitment to start the insanity work out program, Delainey got hit with another double ear infection and at the same time, I too, ended up with an ear infection. Along with the pain, it caused my ear to be fully plugged and I couldn't hear anything out of it. My balance was totally thrown off and I was dizzy, which meant I could hardly get through the day feeling normal, never mind work out. That was the end of that attempt, and I turned my focus to Delainey. This marked her 4th double ear infection in 6 months and I needed to try and get her a specialist appointment. Things snowballed from there and everyone but Aaron ended up getting a really nasty cough, a seemingly never ending cold, then all four of us got pink eye! Shortly after, Delainey had her 5th double ear infection and strep throat at the same time along with a 105 degree fever! We sure had a joyous spring break... Through all of that, I tried to take care of myself here and there, but eating properly or working out was not a priority at all.

Finally, more then two months later, we are back into a somewhat normal routine, and D is awaiting surgery to have tubes put in her ears later this month. I'm feeling like I've got things back under control a bit and I am ready; ready for change. Enough is enough.

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